Ask Ditzy Ghoul
So, I was thinkings to me'self, and so I thinks to me'self... what's the silliest encounter you have had in the wastelands ever!? Did it involve a radicrocodile thingey? Was it out of this world? Did you explode!? -squees-

My most bizarre wasteland encounter? Probably the ragtime robots. No one ever believes that story though.

When's the last time you had a crying session? Just full out bawling, just tears flowing like the wind. Not necessarily out of sadness because I sometimes cry from laughter but yea, most recent tears.

Well, being reminded of Dinky last night set off a few. I’ve long since come to terms with what happened to her, but I know the benefits of having a good cry every once in a while, so I just let it happen.

Didn't you get to see Dinky grow up during the war? I bet you're looking forward to seeing Silver Belle grow up aren't you? Must be a bit strange in a good way, to have come all this way.

I got to see Dinky grow up before the war. During the war she had become a magic teacher at Princess Luna’s school. I answered this a while back, but I’ll remind you that she died during the infamous Littlehorn Massacre. I’m glad that Silver Bell is getting another chance though; and she is definitely making the most of it.

How many caps do I get for this cap collection?

I’ll give you its weight in caps.

How's business been doing lately? Seeing more of it?

Aqua Cura has been a great incentive for ghoul customers, and their caps are as good as anypony else’s. Naturally, my good business practices and fair prices also help entice customers.

Littlepip's book seems to suggest that Homage knew the Doctor? Does that mean you and her share stories about him?

Well, I can’t really share my stories well, lacking a verbal medium, but I can give snippets and anecdotes. Homage and her friend Jokeblue met the Doctor before Homage got into Tenpony Tower, and apparently remarked about his vessel being bigger on the inside as comparable to her being able to somehow store a dozen guns in a mailbox. Then again, she and Littlepip had been drinking during that exchange, so who knows?

Wow. Your the nicest ghoul I ever heard. I heard how ponies become ghouls. I must say it is fascinating.

Trust me, it’s not all that fun to live through. Fascinating mutation or not, life as a ghoul is not at all easy unless you have friends to help you out. Which, thankfully, I do, as well as a wonderful family now too.

Do you hate the enclave? I don't like them because they Hurt unarmed ponies when the see them. I would stand up to them.

As an organization, yes I hate the Enclave. In particular, their leaders were the ones responsible for locking the civilians out of information about the truth of the wasteland, and the slaughter of many innocents for the sake of keeping their secrets and power intact. That said, at Friendship City I saw that there were those among them who would stand up against orders they knew to be wrong, even if it cost them their lives. Those who would realize the truth and abandon or stand against the Enclave are good ponies. It’s only really the ones who tried to maintain their stranglehold on power that are truly evil.

Is there a reward for recovering any of the missing statuettes? I know a bunch of them weren't found and a few are in certain places, like the Applejack Statuette over SteelHooves/Applesnack's grave.

Finding one of Rarity’s Statuettes is a reward in and of itself. Each Statuette grants a magical boon that heightens the one who holds it. However, more than that, those Statuettes hold both the untainted image and the wonderful spirit of the previous ponies of Harmony before the world tore them apart. Fluttershy has the set that once belonged to Luna, Spike has a set that he probably spent years trying to re-collect, and Littlepip found a full set scattered throughout the wasteland. Other than the one at Steelhooves’ grave, who can say where the others are?

The only thing I must stipulate, and you’d understand if you’d ever seen a set of them, is that if you managed to find all six, never EVER separate them again. They belong together.



I was hoping my prank would be obvious enough to be seen as funny, but apparently somepony fell for it (Sorry Fluttershy). That picture of me is an old one I found a long time ago. I just got Silver Bell to magically restore it. Incidentally that ‘miracle curative tonic’ is just Apple juice and Beet Leaves.